Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What if Tim LaHaye had been a UAW baby?

Since this seems to be counter-factual week here at the blog, a new one came my way via The Writer's Almanac (scroll down to the last 3 grafs in the link):

His father was a machine repairman who died of a heart attack when LaHaye was nine years old. His mother had to take a job at a Ford factory to support the family. LaHaye took comfort in his local church, and when he took a job at a Christian summer camp, he began preaching. He went on to study at Bob Jones University and became an evangelical minister.

Detroit. Ford. 1935.

There was certainly a lot going on there then.

Now, it's worth noting that Ford fought for years to keep out the UAW, which didn't reach a collective bargaining agreement with the company until 1941. I don't know the detailed history, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that there might have been a segment of the work force opposed to the union for reasons of fear or ideology (or both). Was Mrs. LaHaye among them?

And how would things have turned out differently if young Tim had spent his time around the union hall instead of at the church camp?

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