Monday, April 5, 2010

Faith, Choice, and Happiness

Unitarian Universalists are well-known for the way in which we not only permit, but sanctify the right of free choice in following a spiritual path. Evidence from social science suggests that an abundance of choices may correlate with a deficit of happiness. Martin Marty explores.


  1. Nobody ever said being a UU was a rose garden. I've always thought that some beliefs from other faiths (e.g. "The person you love who just died was a good person, so she must be in heaven") were wonderfully comforting things that would make me feel great.

    I can't believe them, though.


  2. I don't think anyone chooses beliefs... you just believe what you believe. :)

  3. I think I can understand what the article was getting at.

    I've bounced between a couple of different religious paths over the past few years because I convinced myself that I had to believe a certain way in order to be part of any of them.

    It's taken a long time to let go of some of my ingrained beliefs about what it means to be Christian. I consider myself (at least currently - ha ha) to be in that camp, but I'm definitely at the fringes. (The desire to fit in and believe the way others do is still a force that I have to deal with, though.)

  4. Sarah: I actually agree with you. This is something I hope to blog about sometime. Still, some religious communities more readily make room for those who "believe what they believe" than others do. That is what I mean in this context by allowing "free choice" in the search for a spiritual path.


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