Friday, April 9, 2010

Raising Children in an Interfaith Context

On Being Both is a blog I very much appreciate and enjoy reading.

To be honest, its issues are largely an abstraction for me: DSM and I have an interfaith (Christian/UU) marriage, but we married after my sons were already well-established in UU church life, so we have never felt a need to try to expose them equally to DSM's Christian church (even though I attend whenever I can and consider myself very much a friend of and even at home in her congregation). We have brought DSK#2 to her church twice, but that was to include him in church outings that followed the service.

Still, if our children were the product of our marriage from the start, I would want to follow an Interfaith template. I've written before about Rabbi Marc Gellman's "God Squad" column, which I generally find supportive of religious pluralism. My biggest difference with him, however, is his notion that trying to live as an Interfaith couple or family is somehow a bad idea. (I also think he tends to limit Christian doctrine largely to the traditional terms of Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity, giving short shrift to some of the more progressive interpretations. But that's another story.)

So I think Susan Katz Miller's latest blog post offers a strong and sensible rebuttal to the prejudice against raising children to be part of both parents' faith traditions.

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