Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Song for Today

I've been ruminating about what, if anything, to write about today, and about this day 10 years ago. I have many thoughts, but they're not especially coherent right now. And I've been, and continue to be, preoccupied with work demands that have sucked out all of my time.

But taking a break just now, I saw this over at Will's blog.

It's a simple summation of the feelings I hold most tenderly as I think back on that day.


  1. Joan sings it beautifully, it is moving, it is supremely appropriate to the day, and it is also in our UU hymnal and, so, familiar to some of us UUs. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, DSD!

    So it is only as a footnote that I make the following observation. Joan was mistaken that "Finlandia Hymn" aka "Finlandia" is Finland's national anthem. And the words she sang are not a translation of the standard Finnish lyrics of "Finlandia" written by Veikko Antero Koskenniemi but are, instead, words written by Lloyd Stone, an American poet, words first adopted by the Methodists, I believe.

  2. Thanks for posting Joan. She looks great!

  3. Alas, the video -- of Joan Baez singing a hymn that uses the tune from "Finlandia" -- which I posted originally has been removed from YouTube. I don't really like the alternatives, but here is the URL to one.


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