Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why biblical translation matters

A thoughtful essay on the subject, by a Baptist (and Southern Baptist, at that!) minister, published by the Chicago Divinity School's twice-weekly "Sightings" newsletter.


  1. I've read from James Evans before - I'd say he's more or less one of the "good guys". Oliver "Buzz" Thomas is a SBC pastor and a columnist for USA Today - he's pretty cool, too, as they go.

  2. Tracking down the author of this essay was an important lesson, for me, in not stereotyping. I was so intrigued when I read it that I went to his church's web site. I assumed that his was a lonely American Baptist Convention (the Mainline Baptists, often very progressive on many issues) church in the Deep South. No indication on the web site whether it was ABC or Southern Baptist Convention (the Evangelical, often fundamentalist and increasingly conservative branch of Baptist Christianity). At the ABC's website, a search of individual churches found nothing. Finally, I searched the SBC's website and there it was...


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