Monday, October 26, 2009

Apocolypse Now?

The item below arrived in the mail over the weekend. We thought it was a Jehovah's Witnesses tract at first.

Turns out it was from the Wilson Quarterly.

....The Wilson Quarterly?


  1. I know perfectly well what the Wilson Quarterly is, Robin. My perplexity is with the uncharacteristically sensationalistic graphics.

  2. Yeah. The Wilson Quarterly usually looks like this.

    We get the Economist and they do covers like that sometimes, but well, these economic times kinda call for it. But yeah, DSD, that is a really weird looking Wilson Quarterly cover and it does look like a religious tract.

  3. Actually, this was just a promo for the WQ, which we don't get (we do get Foreign Affairs, though -- does that help our Wonky cred? :-) )

  4. Most of the Watchtower magazine covers that I have seen are not nearly as Apocalyptic as that Wilson Quarterly cover. As a rule they look like this.


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