Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not Rising to the Bait

In the last 24 hours I've turned away from opportunities to comment on two different things I saw online that just made me shake my head.

One was an anti-Christian blog post by a UU blogger that reflects such a blinkered and narrow view of Christianity that I was just beside myself. But I also recognized that blogger's life story I'm sure has been one of deep wounds from Fundamentalist Christianity.

The other was in a comment to a post by one of my favorite bloggers. The comment was by a Christian who took exception to anyone calling him or herself a Christian unless the person subscribed to...

...a blinkered and narrow view Christianity (and one that, paradoxically, was expressed in the comment in such a vague way that it was all but bereft of substance and meaning).

Well, it gives me the chance an excuse to post this old favorite cartoon.


  1. Love the cartoon, DSD! If only we could set everyone straight... ;)


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