Monday, January 25, 2010

Some sermons

Of late I've been writing less and linking more. I expect that to continue for a while.

Three new links:

1. This Christmas sermon, and its prelude, resonate with me with their discussion of Keillor, appropriation, the intersection of UUism with Christianity, and more.

2. David Pyle's sermon yesterday was extraordinarily bracing and moving for me. Thanks, David. I needed that.

3. Ms. Kitty's MLK sermon a week ago wrapped some deep reflection in a fascinating lesson about King, leadership, and the time and place for everything.


  1. Thanks for thinking (or would it be linking) of me, DSD. I'm honored.

  2. DSD... that sermon was preaching to myself as well as anyone else... I needed to "hear" that one too!

    Yours in Faith,



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